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Let’s Get Down to Business

Dog Poop Scooping Services in Cincinnati
We scoop so you don't have to

We get it, you adore your dog. So do we. But let’s be real, cleaning up after your furry friend isn’t anyone’s idea of fun. Lucky for you, we’re here to tackle the messy task. Yes, it’s a dirty job, but we’re more than willing to take care of it. Leave the dirty work to us.

Sounds great. Say no more. How do I sign up?

Here’s how you can take advantage of our expert poop scooping services:

Step One: Get in Touch
Use our handy dandy contact form or call us to set up your pet waste removal agreement.
Step Two: The Details
Our annual service plan involves regular, scheduled visits to your yard, either weekly or bi-weekly. During these visits, our team will conduct a thorough inspection of your lawn, collecting and disposing of pet and wild animal waste. You choose the location – whether it's your trash can or compost pile – and we'll handle the rest.
Step Three: Never Touch a Scooper Again
That's all there is to it! Now you can have more time for playing with your pup or watching your favorite animal documentaries. No judgment here!

Unleash the Patio Pizzazz

Is your patio under siege from nature’s mess-makers? No worries! Our expert team wields high-pressure power washers, ready to banish dirt and reveal your patio’s hidden charm. Say goodbye to grime and hello to a spotless space for you and your furry friends.

But wait, there’s more! We go the extra mile with disinfectants to keep your patio germ-free. No more pesky bacteria or unpleasant odors. With our touch, it’s a safe haven for you and your fur babies to enjoy carefree moments.

Let’s Get Down to Business

You love your dog. We also love your dog. (Please give them head scratches and belly rubs for us.) But you don’t love picking up your dog’s poop. Fortunately, we’re the kind of weirdos that do. Yes indeed, it’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. So let us take it off your hands.

Sounds great. Say no more. How do I sign up?

Well, friend, you’re in luck. Here’s how you can take advantage of our expert poop-scooping services:

Step One: Get in Touch
Use our handy dandy contact form or call us to set up your agreement.
Step Two: The Details
Our service is an annual agreement that includes weekly or twice weekly visits to your yard. On these visits, we’ll send a team of pooper scoopers out to your property to inspect your lawn, then bag and dispose of pet and wild animal waste. Where we drop it is up to you. Trash can? No problem, logical choice. Compost pile? Sure, why not. Just let us know where you want your dog’s business, and we’ll make it happen.
Step Three: Never Touch a Scooper Again
That’s it! It’s really that easy. Now you can dedicate more time to playing fetch with Fido or binge-watching doggy documentaries. Or whatever else you’re into. We don’t judge. We pick up poop for a living.
Dog waste stations

Waste Stations for Public Doos

Is your condo, apartment complex, park, hotel, or community area dealing with a doggy dilemma?

The Doo Doo Doctor is here to help! We provide and maintain public dog waste stations across Greater Cincinnati. After installation, we visit weekly to check, bag, and glove up, ensuring a clean and tidy space for all furry friends.

Whether you need one station or twenty, we’ve got you covered. Contact us for pricing details on waste station installation and management. Let’s keep it clean and hassle-free!

Commercial Poop Scooping
for those larger spaces

If you own an apartment complex, work as a park ranger, or tend to a farm, you’re in luck!

We’re not just about backyard and garden cleanups. We’ve got your larger commercial properties covered too.

In an ideal world, everyone would clean up after their dogs in public places, but we know it’s not always the case. That’s where we step in. From animal waste in parks to apartment complexes, we handle it all. Whether it’s from paws or wings, we’ll scoop it up.

We’ll also take care of installing, maintaining, and managing dog waste stations, so you can keep your property clean without getting your hands dirty. Because a clean space makes for happy faces!

Introducing: Wag-tastic Walks!

At The Doo Doo Dr, we’re all about making sure your pup enjoys the great outdoors to the fullest. Our team of cheerful dog walkers is here, leashes and treats in hand, ready to take your furry pals on some ‘paw-sitively’ fun adventures. Whether it’s a relaxed neighborhood stroll or an energetic park romp, we customize each walk to your pup’s style and energy.

With The Doo Doo Dr’s dog walking services, you can trust that your fur baby is in good hands. We guarantee they get plenty of love, attention, and, of course, a chance to handle their business. Because, on our walks, we never forget our poop-scooping skills!

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